Boy with Planet Saturn

Children's birthday parties under the starry sky


Galactic fun

Children's birthday parties under the starry sky

A birthday surrounded by stars, planets and galaxies? Many galactic surprises await the birthday child in our planetariums and observatories: in the planetarium, you can fly through the universe and test your knowledge in a planetary rally. We also provide a decorated room where you can eat, drink, craft, experiment and play.

What you get

  • Visit to a planetarium event (selection by arrangement)
  • Age-appropriate planetary rally through the planetarium or observatory
  • Various games and handicrafts themed around stars, planets and space

Included in the package price

  • Admission to the planetarium event for a maximum of 15 children and 2 adults (each additional person pays the regular admission price)
  • Supervision by staff during the whole period
  • A decorated room at your own disposal
  • Handicraft materials

Possible locations


Age: 5 - 15 Years

Group size: maximum 15 children and 2 adults

Duration: 3 hours

Package price: € 230

Bring your own food, crockery and cutlery

Dates: Weekends only