Still from »The Sanctity of Space«. © DCM

The Sanctity of Space

The Sanctity of Space

Inspired by a 75-year-old black-and-white photography of Denali, the highest mountain in the US, officially known from 1917 to 2015 as Mount McKinley, three renowned climbers set out on the ultimate adventure. The documentary shows us why man must explore and experience as these fearless men endeavour to scale a treacherous mountain route never before attempted.

USA 2021 | Director: Reanan Ozturk



Documentary | 90 min | German Voluntary Movie Rating (FSK) not yet known (recommended for ages 14 and up) | Admission 9 € / 7 €

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OV (English with German subtitles)

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Trailer zu »Die unendliche Weite des Himmels«. © DCM


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