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Stiftung Planetarium Berlin

Stiftung Planetarium Berlin

The Stiftung Planetarium Berlin (Berlin Planetarium Foundation) unites Berlin's astronomical institutions. The Archenhold-Sternwarte (Archenhold Observatory) and the Wilhelm-Foerster-Sternwarte (Wilhelm Foerster Observatory) are among the public observatories in Germany with the richest tradition, while the Planetarium am Insulaner and the Zeiss-Groβplanetarium, as Europe’s most modern science theatres, offer relevant and innovative forms of communication.

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Stiftung Planetarium Berlin – Facts and Figures

In the document below we present the current facts and figures about the history and technology of the individual institutions of Stiftung Planetarium Berlin (Berlin Planetarium Foundation).

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CV Tim Florian Horn – President of Stiftung Planetarium Berlin

Tim Florian Horn (40) is the founding President of Stiftung Planetarium Berlin, and the director of the Zeiss-Groβplanetarium and the Archenhold-Sternwarte (Archenhold Observatory).

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