Bild von sehr hellen Sternen © NASA, ESA und Jesús Apellániz (IAA, Spain)

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Stiftung Planetarium Berlin star sponsorship

Your star in the planetarium sky

We can’t take the stars out of the sky for you, but you do have the opportunity of sponsoring your own star in the firmament of the Zeiss-Großplanetarium or of giving this sponsorship as a gift to a loved one. From then on, we will keep this star under your name or the name of the person receiving the gift, and you will receive a high-quality certificate with the entries of your choice. Of course, all important data and the coordinates of the star are also included. If possible, we would also be happy to show you »your« star in the planetarium sky during a visit to the Zeiss-Großplanetarium. You will also receive a donation certificate.

Which star can I sponsor?

You choose the constellation in which you would like the star to be located - the Great Bear, Orion or perhaps one from your birthday month, such as Sagittarius or Taurus? Choose the one that suits you best from 88 constellations. We will seek out your star in the firmament just as you wish. You can sponsor a star for as little as € 50; prices are staggered according to the brightness of the star you sponsor.

Brightness / Size class in mag*Sponsorship payment

6 mag

5,5 mag

5 mag

4,5 mag

4 mag

3,5 mag

3 mag

2,5 mag

2 mag

1,5 mag

1 mag

0,5 mag

0 mag

-1 mag

50,- € 

 100,- € 

 150,- € 

 200,- € 

 250,- € 

 300,- € 

 350,- € 

 400,- € 

 500,- € 

 1.000,- € 

 1.500,- € 

 2.000,- € 

 2.500,- € 

 5.000,- €

*mag = magnitudo; the apparent brightness indicates how bright stars or other celestial bodies appear to be to an observer on Earth in comparison. This astronomical comparison value is described using a logarithmic scale and is given as a number with the suffix magnitude, or mag (also m) for short.

The sponsorship has a symbolic meaning. The amount paid is a donation and benefits the charitable work of our foundation. In doing so, you support our diverse educational work. You can find more information here.

What do I receive as a star sponsor?

As a star sponsor, you will receive a certificate with a section of the starry sky and the desired constellation on which your sponsored star is marked. The certificate also contains information about the constellation as well as interesting information about »your« star and the possibility of a personal message for the person receiving the gift. On request, if the event schedule permits, we would be happy to show you the star on the dome of the Zeiss-Großplanetarium. You will also receive a donation certificate. You do not enter into any further obligations by sponsoring a star.

So far, star sponsorships are only available in German. You can find the inquiry form here: 


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Sternenhimmelprojektion im Planetariumssaal

Starry sky projection in the planetarium hall of the Zeiss-Großplanetarium. Image © SPB | Foto: Natalie Toczek