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Your donation for the universe

Support our educational work

Support our diverse educational work with your donation! Make science tangible with the KosmosLabs, support an introduction to practical astronomy with the Star Ambassadors or enable young researchers to take part in a Space Explorer Holiday .You can secure your place in the universe with a Seat Sponsorship in the planetarium hall or in the cinema of the Zeiss-Großplanetarium.

Amazement at the speed of light

With various educational programmes, we bring visitors young and old closer to the cosmos and open doors to current STEM education. We use the diverse possibilities of the observatory and digital planetarium projection to make other scientific fields accessible, in a contemporary way and at eye level, starting with astronomy. Stiftung Planetarium Berlin’s Education Department is constantly developing its programmes.

Educational programmes | Educational materials | Abgespaced – The children's podcast | INTENSE – Mobile Planetarium

By making a donation - and we welcome regular donations - you can support our numerous projects by which we inspire people for astronomy, and build your bridge to the cosmos.

KosmosLabs – laboratories for children, young people and adults

Lifelong learning is the key to an enlightened, reflective and sustainable society - and therefore fundamental for our future and that of many generations to come.

Events in the planetariums and observatories are formative experiences. As extracurricular places of learning, these visits are often the initial spark for people to engage more intensively with the natural sciences. This applies to young and old, in the spirit of lifelong learning. However, the events for a wide range of experience and learning levels are limited by the existing space and boundary conditions.

Stiftung Planetarium Berlin would like to eliminate these boundaries by building KosmosLabs , expanding the variety of programmes and providing equipment for independent learning and research. The aim is to expand the space in the planetariums and observatories of Stiftung Planetarium Berlin so that experiments and workshops create opportunities to deepen and directly experience the content seen and learned in practical units.

Making science tangible – support the KosmosLabs so that science can be discovered and experienced!

Your donation will provide the KosmosLabs with the necessary equipment, including physics kits, microscopes, tables, chairs and computers, as well as 3D printers and much more. With your support, we can develop KosmosLabs further and offer them to a larger number of interested visitors, thus opening the door to knowledge and science for many children, young people and adults.

KosmosLabs – Labore für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene | © iStock

Star Ambassadors – the introduction to practical astronomy

Sternenbotschafter*innen – der Einstieg in die praktische Astronomie | © SPB, Foto: Caro Kadatz

Children and young people are attracted to practical astronomy and want to get involved in it for a variety of reasons, whether through watching thrilling rocket launches, being fascinated by space or visiting a planetarium.

Once star fever has broken out, interested young people often look for like-minded people. Stiftung Planetarium Berlin would like to enable young people to approach the topic as Star Ambassadors, at their own pace and with expert guidance from the foundation. The dialogue with like-minded young people is intended to pave the way into practical astronomy and thus into the fascinating world of natural sciences.

We would like to provide interested young people with a complete astronomy package. Star Ambassadors are given a telescope with all the accessories and extensions for measuring light pollution and orienting themselves in the starry sky, giving them the opportunity to pursue their astronomical interests independently. They can inspire like-minded people in their neighbourhood and thus build a community themselves. The aim of the project is also to support Star Ambassadors in offering independent observation evenings and furthering their education in the fields of natural sciences. Regular meetings at the foundation's locations are also intended to stimulate active dialogue among the Star Ambassadors .

Support us in making it easier for young people to get into practical astronomy.

With your donation, we can equip future Star Ambassadors and support them in exploring the heavens - and therefore also the earth. Training, instruction and regular community meetings organised by the Stiftung Planetarium Berlin team will help them to get an easy start in astronomy and to continue working independently with their first observational successes.

Space Explorer Holidays (Weltall-Forscher-Ferien) – a fun approach to STEM topics

The Space Explorer Holidays (Weltall-Forscher-Ferien) at the Archenhold-Sternwarte give children and young people aged 6 and over a fun approach to experiencing and learning about STEM topics - and also about space.

We offer all-day workshops at the Archenhold-Sternwarte, the largest and oldest public observatory in Germany. We take the children and young people on a journey into space, look at what extraterrestrial life might be like, or let robots drive over Martian landscapes and launch water rockets into the sky. In addition to the learning aspect, the focus is, of course, on having fun. Only if children and young people develop enthusiasm for scientific topics and are allowed to try out many things themselves can we make a lasting contribution to future engineers, physicists or space travellers.

In order to promote knowledge among children and young people at an early age by means of enthusiasm and fun, we would like to permanently integrate and anchor the Space Explorer Holidays and similar projects into Berlin’s educational landscape.

With the help of your donation, we can further develop the Space Explorer Holidays and offer them to a larger number of children and young people.

Thanks to your financial contribution, children and young people from low-income families can also gain access to the Space Explorer Holidays, participating free of charge. In addition, the content of the workshops can be further expanded and the learning programmes extended in collaboration with various partners, as well as catering for the young participants - for example through lunch offers.

Weltall-Forscher-Ferien – der spielerische Zugang zu den MINT-Themen | © SPB, Foto: Pedro Bacerra

Your place in the universe – sponsor a seat in the planetarium now!

Ihr Platz im Universum – Jetzt Sesselpatenschaft im Planetarium übernehmen! | © SPB, Foto: Natalie Toczek

Have you already found your place in the universe? Donate € 1,000 now to sponsor a seat in the planetarium hall or in the cinema of the Zeiss-Großplanetarium.

Support us in our educational work – and at the same time secure yourself a very special place in our universe. Whether as a gift for a special person or simply as a reminder of your last visit under the stars – by sponsoring a seat, you become part of an exclusive community and put your love for the universe on show.

Our thank you

  • Your name (or the name of the recipient) on a brass plate on one of our seats in the planetarium hall or in the cinema (including materials and mounting)
  • Personalised sponsorship certificate with your name
  • A certificate of donation 
  • Exclusive invitation to the premiere celebrations of new planetarium programmes

Sponsor a seat now

Have you decided to sponsor a seat? We look forward to your donation of €1,000 via Pay Pal to spenden@planetarium.berlin or alternatively, by bank transfer to the following account: Berliner Sparkasse, BELADEBEXXX, DE30 1005 0000 0191 0532 36, booking text »Seat sponsorship donation«.

In accordance with Section 10b of the Income Tax Act, we will issue you with a donation receipt and a certificate of tax deductibility. As a non-profit foundation, donations to us are tax deductible.


A seat sponsorship is always taken out for two years, ends automatically, and may be extended at any time.

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In accordance with Section 10b of the Income Tax Act, we will issue you with a donation receipt and a certificate of tax deductibility. As a non-profit foundation, donations to us are tax deductible.


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Our vision is to connect people with the universe, inspire them about our place in the cosmos and work together to create a better future for our planet.

Stiftung Planetarium Berlin brings together Berlin's astronomical institutions. The Archenhold-Sternwarte and the Wilhelm-Foerster-Sternwarte are among the most traditional public observatories in Germany, while the Planetarium am Insulaner and the Zeiss-Großplanetarium are the most modern science theatres in Europe and offer relevant and innovative forms of education.

Thank you so much for your support!